Your online store, ready in 3 days.

Everything ready for you to start selling online in 3 days


You already owned a shop. You are aware that you need to start selling online to increase your sales. More sales will mean more revenue. But setting up online store is complicated and expensive. Also, you are being told that your online store will only be ready after at least 1 month.
Yes, you are lucky. We are here to help to start selling your stuff online. We will take all the complexity, high cost and long periods in getting your online store ready.


Yes, your online store will be ready in 3 days.


Easy for you to update your store

Low Cost

You are provided with the best price for the online store



You are guaranteed a fully functional online store.

The Process


Select the layout of store and complete the payment process.


Submit the products images, description and prices.


Set up paypal account


Review all products pages and legal pages


Your online store is ready. All in 3 days.

Ready To Start

What Are You Getting ?

Online Store Set Up

Your online store will be set up to include a home page, shop page, cart page and check out page. Relevant legal pages such as privacy policy, shipping policy and refund and exchange policy pages will also be set up.

Payment Gateway

We will set up your online payment gateway with Paypal. If you do not have a Paypal account, we will set it up for you.

Content Set Up

We will add up to 10 of your products on to the store. You just provide us with the photographs and the descriptions of the products.

Back End Configuration

All the back end needs of your store will be taken care off. Along with the store configurations,  the website setups such as SEO, Google analytics and website security will be taken care off.

Choose from the following design belows

FireShot Capture 153 - Demo Website I Demo Website - http___d8.iazw.xyz_


Click on the image to view the sample website

FireShot Capture 151 - Shop - http___shop1.iazw.xyz_


Click on the image to view the sample website

FireShot Capture 152 - Shop I Demo Site - http___shop2.iazw.xyz_


Click on the image to view the sample website

FireShot Capture 150 - Shop - http___shop3.iazw.xyz_


Click on the image to view the sample website

Simple Pricing

RM 1999

Home page with single large image c/w lists of 4 on sale and 4 latest products

Shop Page for all products Individual page for each product

Commerce Page – Cart page, Customers Account and Checkout pages.

Legal Pages – Policy page, Shipping Conditions and Refund & Exchange pages.

Set up 8 products for the store.

Set up paypal payment gateway.

Training Manual on updating products on your own

Unlimited Products

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the payment gateway used

The payment gateway to be used will be paypal. Paypal is free to use and easy to set up. Your customers can use their credit cards and debit cards to pay for their purchases.

Can I update the products in the store

Yes, you will be able to update the products in the store on your own. You will be provided with instructions on how to do it your self.

Is there any maintenance needed for the store?

You are recommended to enroll in our website care plan. The plan will include the constant updates of the software used and safeguarding the server from virus and unauthorised attacks. You can find the scope of the website care plan here.

Do I need a hosting for my store

Yes, you will need a domain and a hosting account for your store. You can register your domain at and we recommend the use of as the hosting provider. We can assist the regsitration of the domain and the hosting for you.

When will my store be ready?

Your store will be ready in 3 days. You will need to furnish us with your products images, descriptions and their prices for us to input in the store.

Are there any additional features for the store?

There are additional features that can be added to the store. You can check the additional features here.

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